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About us

hepworth storeHepworth Opticians is an independent practice based at Myton Park in Ingleby Barwick.

We offer the latest technology in testing and diagnostic equipment set in a modern purpose fitted opticians.

Our thorough eye test will not only give you a prescription that will enable you to achieve the best vision, but also detect changes to your eye health which may indicate the onset or progression of problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and macular degeneration.

We offer a contact lens service and because Hepworth Opticians are completely independent, we are able to source a wide range of lenses from different manufacturers.

Your eyes and vision have a huge influence not only on how you view the world, but also how the world sees you. At Hepworth Opticians, we endeavour to equip you with the best vision possible, with eyewear that looks gorgeous at very competitive prices.

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